what is CYOS?

chase your own shadow is a web site for entering and keeping track of the journeys you make by bicycle; its purpose is to help you cycle more and cycle further.

log distances, join groups, view graphs — and see the awards appear on your profile page as your mileage increases:     

does it cost anything?

no: not a penny, a farthing, a sou or a cent.

how does it work?

signing up takes a few seconds. Then you enter your journeys with a date and distance together with optional information such as a time and a comment. You can also specify a type of journey (eg commute or off-road) and which bicycle you used, if you've defined more than one.

CYOS tries to make it as easy as possible for you to log your miles (or kilometres, if you prefer). You can designate a default journey, meaning that most of the parameters on the entry form will be preset for you. There's also the option to define named routes (eg 'my commute', 'Richmond Park via Kingston').

what else can I do?

want to compare your distances with friends? Create a group, or join one set up by someone else (they just have to send you the joining code). See who's cycled furthest, and where your group ranks in relation to others.

need to encourage cycling at your workplace? Then simply create a group and invite your colleagues to join. Filter the rankings on date and journey type so you can compare distances for, say, commutes since the beginning of the month.

as your journeys accumulate, view graphs of the distances you've cycled. See how your times are improving for a named route, for example, or how your distances are increasing for the different bikes you ride and the different types of cycling you do.

and if these built-in options aren't enough, download all your data as an Excel spreadsheet with a click of your mouse.

who should I contact if I have questions or problems?

please email help@chaseyourownshadow.co.uk.