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chase your own shadow is a web-based application for entering and keeping track of the journeys you make by bicycle; its purpose is to help you cycle more and cycle further.

free sign-up

it's free and easy to create an account. Just pick a username and enter a few basic pieces of information.


once you've signed up you can do much more than just store your distances. Own more than one bike? Set up as many as you like and record which one you used for each journey you make. And if you do more than one type of cycling you can record that too, from commuting to road racing or mountain biking.

join groups

create or join groups with friends and colleagues. See who's cycled the furthest for different periods and types of journey.

view and download data

select from a variety of predefined graphs that can be displayed in your browser. Monitor how your distances increase and your times improve. Or download all your data as an Excel spreadsheet.

what's next?

you can sign up here, or browse the FAQs. If you have any questions or problems, email help@chaseyourownshadow.co.uk.